About GWT

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About Global Wide Technology

GWT proudly introduces its PROTECTOR PI synthetic, powder-free polyisoprene surgical gloves. The PROTECTOR PI (polyisoprene) surgical glove, with its proprietary SCIS, 1-4mulation mimics latex in FIT, FEEL and Tactile Sensitivity. The hydro-glide proprietary coating system, enable the end user to wear two pairs of gloves with damp or dry hands, enabling donning two pairs of glove on one hand an ease. Furthermore, the PROTECTOR PI (polyisoprene) surgical gloves are processed from chemical to water based, eliminating the healthcare wearer or patients to suffer from allergic reactions.

GWT and its 100% owned subsidiary company, Global Wide Glove Co. (Thailand), LLC (GWGC) will be located in Gateway Industrial Center Estates in Chonburi Province, Thailand for distribution worldwide. GWGC will utilize its OEM glove dipping facility with its potential monthly glove production capacity of 8,880,000 pairs of surgical gloves per month. The new Thai GWGC Thai factory will house ten new state of the art designed dip lines and warehouse facilities being operational within six months.
Will be located in Gateway Industrial Center Estates for glove production and distribution worldwide.

Mr. Victor and the Sheikh

The Sheikh is the CEO of the Royal Diamond Group that sponsored GWT, our synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves innovative technology as a partner to all the hospitals in the UAE and Middle East. Huge opportunities for our Thai investors, employees and our Thai subsidiary company.